Password generator

Select the required options:
  • Lowercase a-z
  • Uppercase A-Z
  • Numbers 0-9
  • Special Characters
  • Password Length (maximum - 99)
  • The number of passwords (maximum - 99)
  • Symbols used:
  • *You are free to remove extra characters or insert your own.

Generated passwords: – convenient online Generator "will come up" for you to 99 original combinations in just one click without reloading the page, sms registration. To use the service, select the desired configuration or leave the default, then click the "create a new password".

    You can manually enter the characters, of which the password will be consist. You should add adjustment in the "used characters" tab.

    How to use XGenerate?
    Click the "Create a new password" buton - the service will instantly generate up to 99 combinations of high complexity. You can increase the difficulty by adding special characters. To simplify the passwords, eliminate capital letters or numbers.

    How to use the passwords generated?
    Click on the selected combination - it is automatically copied to the clipboard. Next, insert the password in the appropriate form on the website or in the system.

    Whether passwords are stored on the server?
    All generated passwords are displayed in your browser only. Our service does not have access to them. The XGenerate - is convenient, safe and secure.

    Why do we need strong passwords?
    When registering in the various systems and websites should use the original passwords that contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. The more complex of the combination - the better protection of your data.


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